Lizini ljudi svaki tjedan posjećuju njezino grobno mjesto.

Pročitajte što su nam napisali u znak sjećanja na nju…




Your loss is immeasurable,so was your love left behind

I miss you sooo much everyday…

Our house is not the same without you 💔nothing is the same without you…

We loved you and love you and we will always love you! am still asking myself how could you be so good,beautifull and perfect!!!

We grew up togheter and am so proud that you chosed me , to be my good dog❤Thank you for the best memories i have with you in our 17y togheter! all the people came and..went from my life ONLY YOU was always there…waiting for me,my soul! You showed me and learned me what incondicional love means, learned me to be good,kind,not to be in a hurry and how to make everymoment count.

Happynes i could see it always in your shiny eyes. I got always the best compliments from your eyes watching me with soo much love and apreciation.I hope you are not sad on me.i hope i offered you a good life,like you deserved it! I MISS YOU SO MUCH EVERYDAY!I PRAY FOR YOU! I WISH YOU ARE GOOD WHEREVER YOU ARE❤THANK YOU FOR BEEING MY PERFECT DOG! Hope one day we will meet again

My shinny star,Liza